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Love Indonesia

Fast Facts: World’s fourth most populous country

Weather: The weather in Indonesia is has a tropical climate. The average daily temperature of Jakarta ranges from 26–30 °C (79–86 °F)

Culture : 42% of the Indonesian population are Javanese. Ethnic group Sudanese make up around 15% of the population. Chinese Indonesians are an influential ethnic minority Making up around 4% of the population: Food: Rice is the main staple food in Indonesia, usually served with meat and vegetables. Popular ingredients include Coconut milk, fish, chicken and spices. A popular Indonesian dish is Nasi Goring which is a type of fried rice mixed with other ingredients.

Sports :
The most popular sports in Indonesia are football and Badminton. The Thomas cup the Men’s Badminton Championship has been won by Indonesian players 13 times out of the 26 times it has been held.

Languages:  The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian.

Religion :  86% of the population in Indonesia are Muslim, 2% Practice Buddhism, 9% Christianity and 3%Hidusm.

The economy  of Indonesia is mixed with the government and private sector playing vital roles. Some of Indonesia’s majors exports include Oil and Gas, Electrical appliances, Rubber and Textiles.  

Travel Tips
The Province of Bali is the tourist haven.

Things to do 

Istiqlal Mosque
Visit the Istiqlal Mosque located in Jakarta. One of the largest Mosques in the world.

Elephant safari Park
Enjoy this magical experience as you ride the elephants through the cool jungles of Taro. You get a chance to feed and take photos with them. One of the best elephant safaris in the world.


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Discovering rare animal species in Bali

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