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Bali is an island with many places to be explored. It is an island which has huge variety in rare plants and animals. It is not just an island for everybody to enjoy his time next to the beach or to schedule for one of the Bali wedding packages that are promoting the relaxation and the marvelous sunsets.

The first stop is the Monastery Forest, which hosts three species of macaques, freely in the forest and is also familiar with the presence of people. You can spoil them with the pitches. They roam everywhere, climbing everywhere: on trees, on stairs, on walls and on us. Attention, care: Hide in your bag that you have a small object: hat, glasses, phone and keep the camera in a steady way. They are crooked dishonest.

Out of the monastery, the locals sell bananas for feeding the macaques. A visitor should also pay attention here. They do not see the whole bunch because they are in a rush. Let them come close to you, even with a lure of the banana. They will clean it and erase it in a blink of an eye. If someone is lucky enough, he will see monkeys giving birth to the babies, and the young ones are immediately hanging from their mothers’ abdomen almost hairless.Inside the forest you can see a marvelous temple in Bali, the Purra Dalem Agung, which is translated as a “temple of the dead”.

The next stop you need to do if you love the beauty of wild nature is visiting the Birds Park or Taman Buryung, which is a paradise in heaven. It was created in 1995 on an area where there were rice fields and hosts over 1,000 paradises and rare birds from all around the world, such as Indonesia, America, Australia and Africa. You will see color in every single place and you think you are living in a dream. You will listen an endless song by every bird which lives in the park. There are bird plumes in every size and color. The black-and-white Asian hornbill with the big yellow nose, the blue dove, the Australian peacock, and, of course, the colorful parrots, are all located in this area. Seventy-five kinds of parrots in incredible color combinations are found in the park. Many of them are trained by the locals, while others are used to be taken pictures with the visitors .There is also a bird’s ‘nursery’, where the rare and endangered species reproduce here.Right next to the bird park is the Reptile Park. In specially designed spaces you will see the famous Dragon of Commondo, iguana, crocodiles, cobras and rattles.

One more place that anyone can visit is the Elephant Park. He can spend the day next to these huge, yet really cute animals, feed them, climb on their back and have a long walk to forest which is located next to the park and even spend the night at the hotel which is located in the park. The most important thing is that the visitor has the chance to see one of the rarest elephant species, the elephant of Sumatra.

As it is very obvious, Bali has to offer some unforgettable times to those people who love nature. The tourists who want to become a part of the destination they visit and live like locals for a few days. The visitors who show a big and deep respect to the nature that surrounds us and do not mind if they have to make a lot of distance to see those rare animals. Who feel that living all those moments is much more important that drinking their cocktail on the beach. Who feel a little richer when they go back home. Who will have Bali always in their heart.

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