Holiday Checklist Part 1

We LOVholidays and we want to make sure you LOVholidays to. So don’t leave home without these essentials.


You are not going anywhere without this. Double check it is valid and not out of date

Your flights tickets

Will not get far without these either. Most bookings are online nowadays. But have your reference just in case.


Does your destination require a visa? It is worth checking with your destinations borders agency alternatively visit for guidance on Visa applications


Do you need to be vaccinated? Remember vaccinations protect from life threatening diseases and infections. Make sure you are covered.

Travel insurance

Yes this is very important if your experience delays cancellations or need any type of medical assistance abroad.

Currency/Money/Credit Cards/Travellers cheques

You need spending money. We advise you to carry at least two methods of payments on holidays in case of emergencies

Emergency numbers

Carry a list of numbers for home and abroad. Numbers for a next of kin, emergency bank numbers. Also be aware of the emergency police and ambulance numbers if available at your destination.


Anti Diarrhoea, mosquito repellent, sun cream, Painkillers (Asprin/Paracetamol)

It is best to have your own medication. You may be able to find these treatments locally however travelling with your own ensures they are at hand when you need them. Also you can be sure of the medication or treatment you are taking.

Look out for part 2 of our essential checklist


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