Food to stay away from whilst on holiday

We all know that eating and trying new food is probably one of the best parts of going on holiday. We often indulge more and are tempted to try new dishes. But remember the wrong dish can turn that blissfull holiday into a ruined holiday. Because we LOVholidays we want you to LOV yours to. Here are a few tips to keep your stomach happy.

1.Stay away from ice in your drinks

In countries where tap water is unsafe to drink, ice has the same risk as non frozen water. Ideally water should be boiled, treated or bottled. It is difficult to tell when you’re out and about.

We suggest opting for canned and bottled drinks to be on the safe side.

2.Open street food

How can you avoid this? This is normally where you find the tastiest of countries dishes. Be careful as they are prone to flies. Flies contaminate foods. They carry traces of everything they landed on their legs, often including faeces and rotting trash.

To avoid this try staying away from street food if you can. If not be aware of the environment. Is there food covered is there rubbish lying around?

3.Tap Water

Contaminated water is one of the highest causes of illnesses in the world. Drinking contaminated water can lead to diarrhea and cholera.  Even in countries where the water is sanitised your immune system may not be ready.

We advise drinking bottled water. Using boiled water and avoid brushing teeth with tap water.

4.Warm Food

Because we like it hot! cooked foods should be  kept above 140 degrees(60C). If not bacteria can multiply very quickly. Especially left in sunlight

To avoid the bacteria make sure the food that you are eating is actually hot. Try have food that is made to order and has not been left around.

5.Raw foods

Fruit and vegetables are good for you. Just be careful of food that will be washed in local water including salads and raw fish.Try to avoid if you can

Follow these top tips and enjoy the holiday you LOV.

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