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Love Uganda

We love  Uganda for:
Wildlife – Uganda is the one country that offers you Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees and more wildlife in a safe environment. 

Weather: Due to its location on the equator daytime temperatures range around 86ºF (30ºC)

Culture : Food:  One of the main dishes you will find is Ugali made up of maize flour (cornmeal) usually served rolled in a ball served with stewed vegetables and/or meat. 

Uganda’s most popular sport is football. There has also recently been an increase in Cricket in Uganda

Languages:  English and Swahili are the official languages  

Religion   84% of the population is Christian. Muslims represent 12% of the population.

The economy of Uganda  is has grown on average 6% over the past two decades.  Agriculture plays a very important part in Uganda’s economy.

Travel Tips

Mopane Worm: Enjoy the taste of this local dish. Not a worm but a type of caterpillar Served in some restaurants fried with onions tomatoes and garlic. You are likely to see bags of these dried and/or smoked hanging in bags in the local market, looking similar to beans.

Things to do 

Visit the Gorillas on a mountain trek.
Uganda has a huge population of the rare endangered mountain Gorillas. Take the opportunity to trek the mountains to the Gorillas in their natural habitat. One of the destinations includes the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest set in the south west of Uganda.

Bird watching in Uganda
With over 1000 bird species recorded in Uganda you will find Uganda one of the best places to bird watching. If you are a bird lover Uganda is the place to go. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places for Bird Watching in Uganda.


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