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Love New York City

We love New York City for:
Being a global power city

Weather: Temperatures in New York City range.  The average temperature in January, the area’s coldest month, is 32.1 °F (0.1 °C).Temperature in winter range as low as 10 °F (−12 °C) and as high as 50 °F (10 °C). Summer temperatures average of 76.5 °F (24.7 °C).

Demographics: New York City  population in 2010 was 44% white (33.3% non-Hispanic white), 25.5% black (23% non-Hispanic black), and 12.7% Asian. Approximately 36% of the city’s population is foreign-born. In New York, no single country or region of origin dominates. The ten largest sources of foreign-born individuals in the metropolitan area are the Dominican Republic, China, Jamaica, Mexico, India, Ecuador, Italy, Haiti, Colombia, and Guyana. Food:  New York City’s food is influenced by a world of cuisines. Eastern European and Italian immigrants have made the city famous for bagels, cheesecake and New York-style pizza, while Chinese and other Asian restaurants, burger joints, Italian restaurants, diners and coffee shops are everywhere.

Popular sports  in New York City include Baseball, Basketball, American Football and Hockey. New York has been described as the "Capital of Baseball”.

Languages:  The official language of New York City is English. Over 800 languages are spoken in New York City.  

Religion   Majority if the population in New York are Christian. New York City has the largest Jewish population outside of Israel.

The economy of  New York City New York is a global hub of international business and commerce and is one of three "command centres" for the world economy (along with London and Tokyo). The city is a major centre for banking and finance, retailing, world trade, transportation, tourism, real estate, new media as well as traditional media, advertising, legal services, accountancy, insurance, theatre and fashion

Travel Tips
New York’s subway is also notable because nearly the entire system remains open 24 hours a day, in contrast to the overnight shutdown common to systems in most cities.

Things to do 

Empire State Building
Located in Midtown Manhattan. The 22nd tallest skyscraper in the world. The 3rd tallest skyscraper in the US.

Statue of Liberty
The statue, a gift to the United States from the people of France, is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad.

Ellis Island
Located in Upper New York Bay, was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the nation’s busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954.

Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park is one of the best-known of New York City’s public parks. Located in Fifth
Avenue, landmark with beautiful trees, flowers and art.

Rockefeller Centre
Rockefeller Centre is a complex of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres (89,000 m2) between 48th and 51st streets in New York City. Built by the Rockefeller family.  Now  a national historic landmark.

Luxury shopping along Fifth Avenue
Located in Midtown Manhattan.  Lined with prestigious shops and is consistently ranked among the most expensive shopping streets in the world

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