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Love Morocco

Popular resort: Marrakesh  

We love Morocco for:
Shopping in Marrakesh’s maze of market streets; Visit the city of Marrakesh and be amazed with the luxuries available including best of leathers and fine silvers.

Weather: The north of the country has Mediterranean style weather meaning that it is hot all year round. The Atlantic coast where you would find Casablanca sees more rain. The climate is drier the further south along the coast you go.

Culture: Morocco combines it’s Jewish, Arabic and Berbers Heritage from external influences from the French and the Spanish more recently the Anglo–American.  Food:  Moroccan cuisine has long been considered as one of the most diversified cuisines in the world. The use of spices used in Moroccan cooking. Moroccans might start a meal with a hot and cold salad; Bread is eaten with every meal. Often, for a formal meal, a lamb or chicken dish is next, this may then be followed by couscous topped with beef and vegetables, to end the meal a cup of sweet mint tea.  Moroccans usually eat with their hands and use bread as a utensil. Use of Mediterranean vegetables and couscous and beef are some of their main ingredients.

Morocco’s most popular sport is football.  In 1986 Morocco became the first Arab and African country to qualify to the second round in World Cup competition. Morocco will be hosting the African cup of nations in 2015.

Education in Morocco is free and compulsory through primary school. With male literacy at 65.7% and female at 39.6%

Language:  Most Moroccans natively speak either Moroccan Arabic or Berber as the official language.

Religion   Majority of Moroccans are Muslims with 2% of the population Christian with a 0.2% Jewish population

The economy of Morocco is quite Liberal governed by the supply and demand giving people the freedom to control their lives and make economic choices. Morocco is the world’s biggest exporter and third producer of phosphorus (This is mainly used in fertilizers).

Travel Tips
Learn the skill of Bargaining. The Moroccan experience of buying and selling in the markets is one of the best experiences. To be honest it’s not likely you will get the best deals as the locals, as they are there to make a profit. However if you are not sure how? Do not be afraid to shop around by going to the shops rather than the markets. Enjoy!

Things to do 

Get some high Quality Leather
Morocco is well known for its supply of high quality leather. Take a chance to visit the area Fes (Fez) is Morocco’s oldest Imperial city

Yes…Ski in Morocco
Bet you didn’t think you can ski in Morocco. To be able to say you have been skiing in Africa is a statement.  The area Oukaimeden 46 miles south of Marrakech. The High Atlas Mountains are usually covered in snow in January and February.

Have a sleepover in the Sahara desert
Take a chance to spend a couple of nights in the dessert. One of the most popular areas to explore is a place called Merzouga. This will give you a chance to see and experience the most spectacular Saharan sandscape. Scenes similar to what you have seen in the movie ‘the mummy’. Get a real experience and travel around by camel or take the alternative method 4×4



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