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Love Greece

Fast Facts:  Greece has over 1400 islands of which 227 are inhabited.

Weather: Greece has a Mediterranean climate consisting of mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The average temperature in Greece is 18.3 °C (65 °F) The warmest average max/ high temperature is 33 °C (91 °F) in July & August. The coolest average min/ low temperature is 6 °C (43 °F) in January. The mountainous areas of North-western Greece have heavy snowfalls.

Culture : 94% of the population are Greek. 4% Albanian with 2% considered other ethnicities.  Food:  Traditional Greek Cuisine is a classic example of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Consisting of fresh ingredients. Some signature dishes include; moussaka (layers of minced meat on aubergine with white sauce). Main ingredients include olives, cheese, eggplant (aubergine), courgette, and yogurt

Popular sport  in Greece include Football, basketball, Volleyball and cricket/Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games first recorded in 776 BC

Languages:  The official language for Greece is Greek

Religion   an estimated 97% of Greek citizens identify themselves as Orthodox Christians, belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church.

The economy  of Greece has recently had a downturn with the debt crises however it is slowly recovering. The tourism industry plays an important part in Greece economy making up around 15% of Greece workforce.

Travel Tips

If you want to take advantage of seeing the marvellous islands of Greece consider taking a cruise

Things to do 

 Epidaurus Theatre

Located in a quiet village not to far from Athens. One of the most beautiful open air theatres in the world.


This beautiful structure which can be seen at various location in the city of Athens as it towers above all. Made entirely out of Marble. This sure is a remarkable spiritual place.

Visit the lovely beaches of Greece

With one of the largest coastlines in the world you are never far away from one of Greece beautiful sandy beaches.

Travel to the islands
Travel to the islands and take a stop at one of the party resorts

Malia – Island of Create
Faliraki – Island of Rhodes
Kavos – Island of Corfu
Laganas-Island of Zante


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