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Love Ghana

We love Ghana for:
Beach Life: Ghana is blessed with beautiful beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean.  Originally known as the Gold Coast in colonial times. Visit beach resorts  

History:  to learn about the history of slavery take the opportunity to visit the Cape Coast Castle and Elimina Castle

Afrobeats and Hiplife: Ghana such a buzzing country with dancing part of the culture you’re sure to hear the best of afrobeats in your daily routine from the market place to the clubs.

Weather: With temperatures averaging around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit)all year round. Ghana is not a place where people stay indoors.

Culture:Ghana is a very culturally diverse. Its cultural diversity most evident in its Ghanaian cuisine arts and clothing. Kente is one of the most famous of Ghanaian cloths. Food:Ghanaian cuisine varies. Made up of main staples cassava, plantain, maize and yam used to make dishes such as Fufu (Pounded cassava and plantain), Banku (cooked fermented corn dough and cassava dough) and kenkey (fermented corn dough, wrapped in corn or plantain leaves and cooked into a consistent solid balls). These dishes will usually be served with a tomato based soup or stew.

Ghana’s most popular sport is football. The national men’s football team is known as the Blackstars
The literacy rate for Ghanaian adults in 2007 was 65%. With 83% of its children in school, Ghana currently has one of the highest school enrolment rates in West Africa

There are a total of 79 languages listed by Ethnologue for Ghana. Nine of the languages have the status of government-sponsored languages including : Akan, specifically Ashanti Twi, Fanti, Akuapem Twi, Ga and Ewe However English is its official language taught in schools and used in Businesses.

Religion: The largest religion in Ghana is Christianity practiced by approximately 69 percent of the population, according to the 2000 census.

The Economy of Ghana was listed as The World’s Fastest Growing Economy in 2011 in economic research led by Economy Watch. Ghana is a middle income country with handful of natural resources. Ghana is still am major exporter of Gold. Other exports also include cocoa, oil, gas, timber, electricity, diamond,

Culture tips
Handshake is a popular way of greeting in Ghana, Especially amongst Males. It is important to apply the same hand shake pressure as offered.  The use of the left hand is limited in Ghanaian culture. It is almost forbidden with most activities. Avoid using your left hand to give, receive, gesture wave or point. If you are naturally left handed then it is not your fault however you can save embarrassment or offence if handing over or receive goods with your right hand instead.

Things to do

Visit the beaches

Labadi Pleasure beach: Probably one of the business beaches in Accra.With over 3km of coastline. Located on the main tema beach road in accra. It is connected to some luxury hotels and good place for tourists. With entertainment provided daily.
Cocoloco beach
Located on the east of Accra, This beautiful beach brings you closer to tradition and nature with its unique thatch style bungalows and camping styles.

Bojo Beach one of Accra beaches with crystalline water lapping up its sandy shores to give you one of nature’s truly spellbinding sights. It’s the only island beach which is sandwiched between the river and the sea. It offers typical Ghanaian food as well as other seafood on demand. Bojo Beach Resort is located at Bortianor, on the Kokrobite Road, a suburb of Accra and is one of the most attractive and well kept beaches in Ghana. 

Visit Cape Coast
Kankum National  Park. Tucked away in the rainforest of Ghana. Located 30km north of cape coast Kakum National Park has a long series of hanging bridges at the forest canopy level known as the Canopy Walkway At 40 m (130 ft) height. One of the only few in the world.

Aubri Gardens
The Aburi Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and fascinating places in Ghana. Opened in March, 1890, and covering 64.8 hectares and overlooking the Accra coastal plain from an elevation of 370 to 460 metres above sea level, the Aburi Botanic Garden is a must experience for every Ghanaian as well as visitors to Ghana.

Mole National Park The largest national park in Ghana compromising over 93 species of mammals including elephant’s lions buffalo, baboons and hyena. Located in the northern part of Ghana. 670km from Accra.

Arts Centre Accra located in February road Accra
You can purchase wood crafts and jewellery in this busy busting market.

Food and Entertainment

Accra Mall
Osu Food Mall
Frankies serving burgers chicken and pizzas Located in Osu

HE OFFICE: Located on the Ring Road,opposite Bus Stop. Nice joint for Accra’s trend setters.Best on Thursday and Friday where you can catch a vibrant atmosphere and nod to some hot Garage tunes over drinks.
FUSION: Located in Osu in the former premises of Keteke niteclub.One of Accra’s more upmarket bar resturant catering mainly for the expatraite community.Best on Wednesdays where you can test your vocal chords with the very popular Karokee.
VIBE CAFE: Situated in the Trust Towers on Farrar Avenue,the home Accra’s finest radio station VIBE FM. Vibe Cafe is the only radio cafe on the entire continent of Africa and boast of a wide selection on its menu and a fantastic view of Accra from its patio.Definately a meeting place for business meetings and evening encounters.
CHAMPS SPORTS BAR: Located in The Paloma Arcade on the Ring Road.The first theme bar in Accra boasts of the best mexican cousine in Accra.Best on Friday and Saturday where you can watch your big games live and also also join in the Karokee.Crowd is mainly expatraite.
JOKERS: Located on the Labadi road.Fast food, resturant and bar with a good crowd on most days.Popular with Pool shooters and caters to a very mixed crowd.
BASSLINE: Located on the Ring Road. Jazz bar catering for more mature and sophisticated adults. Best on Fridays where you can catch some live Jazz acts in session.
DON’S PLACE: Located in Osu.Jazz bar with a good crowd on most evenings where you can listen to some good morden jazz. Boasts of the best grilled chicken in Accra.
CHESTERS PLACE: Popular joint for expats and Ghanians alike.Best on Wednesday where it packs the best crowd in Accra .You can catch Accra’s likeable personality in the person of Chester and the ZOOM International band treating guests to some wonderful tunes and a jam that goes on till late.
RYANS IRISH PUB: Accra’s only Irish pub catering mainly to expats. Boasts of the best Guiness in Accra and a good crowd on weekends.
AQUARIUS: Accra’s vibrant German Pub situated in Nyaniba estates. Very busy on most weekends with its german cousine. Also popular with Pool shooters.


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